We will be holding 6 weeks of summer camp this year, beginning June 21.

Our program runs from 9:15-5:15 Monday through Thursday, with Friday craft camps available for a separate fee.

You can choose full-day or mornings-only (9:15-1:15).

The curriculum at all grade levels will include math, history, science, English, and games.

The schedule includes a morning and an afternoon snack break, as well as lunch, but RVA does not provide any food.

Masks are required at all times other than eating.

Children must have proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or have a negative test not more than 4 days prior to the start of their first class. Additionally, parents must attest that the family has not traveled out of state nor participated in any unprotected group activities in the month prior to camp starting.

Class size is severely restricted by state mandate, so we have limited seats.

At Renaissance Village Academy, we believe that play is an important part of learning.  The children get two 30-minute snack breaks, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. When they’re done eating, they’re allowed to play either inside or outside. Additionally, full-day students have a recess after lunch.

Our backyard has a playhouse, an individual trampoline, chalk, bows and arrows, and various other games and toys. The children are allowed free play during their breaks.

We also may choose to take the students outside to play four-square or wall ball, which we do when we see they have a need to move. Depending on the students and parental approval, we might take them scooter or bicycle riding on a nearby culdesac. We have the bikes and all safety gear.


Because of Covid restrictions, we cannot offer individual classes this year for our 3rd-6th graders. They must attend either mornings or full day. Because of this, we’ll be running our camp just like we run our full-time school: all subjects will be covered, but timing and duration of lessons will depend on the needs and interests of the students enrolled in a given week.

9:15 – 1:15 Writing / Literature / Greek and Latin roots, Math

1:15 – 5:15 Science, Logic / Critical Thinking


Each week has a different cultural theme for our TK-2nd students:

June 21 – China

June 28 – Iroquois / Lakota / Navajo

July 5 – Morocco

July 12 – India

July 19 – Maya

July 26 – Vikings / Sweden / Norway

The curriculum will include math, history, science, literature, and games.


Half-day = $250 / week 

6-week half-day = $1425 (5% discount)

Full-day = $460 / week (8% discount)

6-week full-day = $2500 (a further 9.5% discount)

Friday = $75 / day

6-week Fridays = $425 (5.5% discount)


Due to Covid, our location is my home: 13853 Barrymore St. in Rancho Peñasquitos. 


To enroll your child, simply email your child’s name, current grade level, and preferred dates, as well as your full name and contact to or call the school at 858.564.9622I. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.