Hiawatha, Toypurina, Padre Junipero Serra

Jul 8 - Jul 11
morning / afternoon


 Hiawatha is most famous for being the subject of a 19th C poem, but he was a real man who unified five tribes into the Iroquois Confederacy about 200 years before the American Revolution. Some historians believe that our Founding Fathers were influenced, at least in part, by the structure of the Hiawatha’s confederacy.








Toypurina was a “Medicine” woman of the Gabrieliño (Kumivit / Tongva). She never joined the Mission and hated how the Spanish were changing her culture. She led a rebellion against the Mission when she was 25.




Padre Junipero Serra founded the Mission System in California, from San Diego to San Francisco. He developed the system by which Native Americans were converted to Christianity. Many of the names by which Native Americans are known derive from the Mission to which they were assigned: Diegueños (the Ipai and Tipai), the Luiseños (Payómkawichums), etc.


Students will develop a deeper understanding of the interactions between Native Americans and early settlers by following the lives of Hiawatha and Toypurina.

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