Considering RVA?

Renaissance Village Academy (RVA) is an exciting schooling option for parents seeking to challenge their gifted, profoundly gifted, and highly motivated children.

Tired of your bright child being bored with school?

Bright students can often become complacent about their school performances, rarely pushing their ability to change (or not change) anything, or question views about the world around them, and become disinterested. At RVA, we will question almost every assumption a children comes in with, asking them to analyze and justify what they believe, and ultimately to take responsibility for their own learning.

Personalized and Motivating Education for the Gifted

Renaissance Village Academy is a private school in San Diego offering a full academic program for gifted and/or motivated students working at grades K – 8 (beginning as young as 4 years 9 months), with math placement and educational pacing based on each child’s needs. We emphasize critical thinking, hands-on activities, analysis, and writing. We have courses in drama, music, PE (karate), morphology (Greek and Latin roots), astronomy, debate, and foreign language.

We maintain small class sizes to enable us to individualize lessons in a way no public school can match. RVA also welcomes and has direct experience with teaching doubly-labeled gifted students.

It is our goal to offer gifted, profoundly gifted, and highly motivated children the experiences and knowledge they will need to be successful navigating the complexities of the world from an international perspective—they will be guided to develop tolerance and compassion through study of other languages and cultures.